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Born on 26th July 1977 as what my friends called a female version of Marco Polo or Ibn Battuta in the Arabic world. Since my early childhood days my parents made it possible for me to experience the world through traveling.


Growing older I started to sell imaginary trips to my grandmother and later planned our family holidays in all details. So the path was set for my future career.


My first independent step out into the world was an adventurous Au-Pair year in London right after college. Out in a foreign country and in a different culture it became even more clear for me that my future life can be only that of a traveller. Once back in Germany I opted straight for a Bachelor´s Degree in tourism.


Four exiting years of tourism/economic studies followed inclusive of two traineeships in tourism companies in Munich. Plus an extra bonus of a hotel traineeship in Dubai, which turned out to be the destiny of my later life.


Dubai put its magic spell on me. Right after the completion of my studies I returned to the city for a job in a tourism company. What was planned for a maximum of 2 years – became 16 rock‘in years in Dubai. In addition my Dubai job enabled me to travel through all continents and left me with an amazing network of friends and business partners.


When I am traveling – either business or private – I explore the locations in all details. I am digging deep into the culture and customs of the local people and I discover hidden gems of a destination away from mass tourism. I have always met amazing people on my trips, who showed me their countries from a very personal side.


With all my trips and experiences I somehow became the personal travel consultant for my family and friends. As they always liked my stories, pictures and destination tips, it was actually them who encouraged me to start to write a Blog and share my trips with more people.

So here we are now with my TravelTreasures – an inspiration to explore our amazing planet!


Meanwhile I did the for me once incredible step and moved back to Germany. Now in the process to set up my own small travel business for creative tours based on my extensive worldwide network. My ambitious plan is to take small groups in the future with me to my favourite places around the world and to show the real spirit of each specific country. So stay tuned for more information on that. Would be exciting to see some of you traveling with me soon.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn´t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.” (Mark Twain)



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