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Europe in a nutshell on a cool Munich Tour

The Munich weather during summer is perfect for a travel through Europe without leaving the city. No take-off from Munich airport is required. Munich is an excellent option for everybody suffering from the “Wanderlust” syndrome. On below tour you will travel to various countries within one day without leaving Munich.

1. Start the day working on your Inner Zen with a Meditation session @ Westpark

Our experience starts even a bit further away from Europe. Ever wanted to travel to Asia? Then go on a nice morning walk through this tranquil park. Asia here we come at the Thai Sala Pagoda, the perfect place to pamper your Inner Zen with a small meditation or yoga session. The Pagoda has been built in 1983 for the Garden Expo and was the first free standing Buddha sanctuary in Europe. Afterwards have a quick visit to the Nepal Pagoda, the Chinese and Japanese Garden located just beside.

On the other side of the park you have a relaxed lake-side Cafe, which is one of my favourite outdoor places in Munich – Cafe Gans am Wasser (

2. Feel like in France on a walk through Haidhausen

The streets around Bordeaux and Weißenburger Platz are known as the French Quarter of Munich. In 1872 streets were built around this neighbourhood named after successful battles of the German-French war. Walk through these cute little streets of Haidhausen and feel that French spirit. You can smell fresh baguette and croissants while walking??? – Well, that´s most probably not your imagination taking you on a ride, but one of the many French bakeries or small Cafes around.

Try out some original French Patisserie @ Claude & Julien (, original French Crepes @ Bernard & Bernard ( or return in the evening for a proper French dinner @ Le Faubourg (, Rue des Halles ( or Maison Massard (

3. Take a scenic ride - Wien has the Prater Riesenrad and Munich has the Umadum

Why travel to Austria´s Vienna for a ride in the famous Prater Ferris Wheel, when Munich has its very own wheel version. Newly re-named to “Umadum” (which is a Bavarian slang expression for “going around”), it still offers the same spectacular views over Munich and on clear days even until the Alps.

4. Enjoy a scooter ride on the “Corso Leopoldo”

Munich is often called the most northern city of Italy and with a scooter ride along the “Leopoldstraße” you will figure out why. This wide street samples exactly a “Corso” in an Italian city, just with less honking cars. Start your drive somewhere around the university and cruise down to Odeonsplatz – another very Italian Plaza of Munich with some famous buildings around. The Feldherrnhalle resembles a Loggia in Florence and the Theatinerkirche was the first Italian styled ate-baroque church in Germany. At the entrance of Hofgarten you will find another famous Italian institution of Munich – the Tambosi Cafe (

To round up your drive proceed to Max-Joseph-Platz built by Leo von Klenze after the model of the famous Capitol Square in Rome. Have a sit on the stairs of the Opera building and admire the Italian heart of Munich. Beside, you have the impressive Munich Residenz (

Afterwards an espresso in the nearby Bar Centrale ( is the perfect ending for your Italian experience in Munich. It´s not fancy, it´s just the pure feeling of Bella Italia.

You can rent your scooter through

If you feel hungry before or after your ride I can recommend you another very Italian place to eat a pizza or some good pasta - Bei Mario ( – of course a city like Munich has numerous Italian eating spots, but for me this place is the most authentic and it is actually one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the city.

5. Dig into culture on a visit to Isar-Athen

Yes, also Athens is hiding around the corner. Make your way to Königsplatz and you will feel like beamed directly into a Greek temple complex. As some cultural experience should not be missed on a day like that, have a visit to one of the interesting museums here. You can choose between the Glyptothek presenting Greek and Roman sculptures or the Antikensammlung showcasing Greek vases, glass and jewellery (

Another structure on this square is the Propyläen building resembling the gateway of the Akropolis. During summer this structure gives a picturesque backdrop for various open-air concerts, cinema shows and other events. For some additional Greek experience you can also visit the yearly summer theatre within the courtyard of the Glyptothek ( With your performance ticket comes also some wine and bread - like in ancient times.

6. Take a break in England with a mini-visit to Australia

After this extensive itinerary it´s time for a break, which is best taken in the green lung of MunichEnglischer Garten. This huge garden is a famous meeting place for all stressed city people longing for a break and a bath in the sun. It has been built after the models of English landscape architecture, thus the name "Englischer Garten". You will also find some popular beer gardens here like the Biergarten am Chinesischer Turm ( or Seehaus im Englischen Garten (

We have “the Island” covered now as well with a visit here. And as the Brits are well known for their resistance to cold temperatures – follow their spirit and jump into the freezing Eisbach (a veryyyyy cold river 😊). Don´t miss to come close to Munich´s famous Eisbachwelle-Surfer - no, you are not in Australia now, still in Germany! Although the shores of the Eisbach are not exactly a beach - they were still ranked in place no. 45 among the 100 best beaches in the world from the Golden Beach Awards 2024 (

7. Close your trip around Europe with some Spanish Tapas

We had a visit to the Italians, French, Greeks and Brits, so the Spanish should not be missed out here. Therefore have a Spanish styled dinner in the famous Ole Madrid restaurant ( In this rustic eatery you can tuck into the culinary delights of the Spanish Peninsula – yummy tapas and hearty paellas, washed down with lots of Sangria.

8. Zip a final drink in urban Berlin culture

Let´s finally come back to Germany on our journey ……funky, hip and urban places are still rare in the polished Bavarian capital – unfortunately I must say. But recently a few places have popped up a la Berlin or London – my favourite among them is the Bahnwärter Thiel ( – a place that is not very Munich. Constructed with old containers and bulky waste, it`s a cool place for a laidback drink. Check out their program for live music acts, shows, markets and art projects. A very creative team stands behind this location and they always come up with new happenings and ideas. I am sure that the waste arrangement alone will surprise you 😊

And in case you see a whole big ship on a bridge later on - it is not because of a drink too much that you had - that´s just the "Alte Utting" - a passenger ship that has formerly cruised on the Ammersee and that now has found its new home in the middle of Munich. Also a very nice place for sunsets, where they offer food, drinks and often live entertainment.

And on a very last whisper......if this day has ended up for you real late - just opposite the Alte Utting - you have another night institution of Munich - Zur Gruam - is what we call in Bavaria a "Boazn" - means nothing much than a swanky, tiny beer taverna, but since centuries it is the last stop for many Munich night ravellers on their way home before the sun arises (

I hope you are inspired now by these ideas to explore Munich from a different side. Whenever you have any further questions about the city, need more tips or are interested in a private guide for your Munich tour or around, please reach out to me at any time.

Special Tipp: add an additional day and visit the amazing Zoo of Munich (Tierpark Hellabrunn) for an animal safari around the world (

Here comes a small picture teaser some of the residents, who are waiting for you:


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