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10 Insider Tips for Culinary Delights in Munich

Munich"Weltstadt mit Herz" (City with a heart) is welcoming every year millions of visitors from all over the world. Although Munich has its long time traditions the city is a multicultural place not only in regards to its visitors, but also in regards to its residents, which is reflected in the huge number of national and international restaurants, bars and cafes. Here is a small selection of some of my all time favorites as well as some newcomers in town.

1. Gaststaette Grossmarkthalle /

So let's start with a long time favorite and a real Munich institution. Located directly beside the Munich Market Halls it stands for freshness and rustic Bavarian food. Here is the place where you can get the best white boiled sausages in town - Weisswurst (traditionally eaten with sweet mustard, brezel and a beer before midday), which is popular for tourists and locals alike. Many of the workers from the nearby market halls are coming on a daily basis for breakfast or lunch (there is no dinner available in this place). So beside the famous sausages you can get here all specialty food of the region fresh on your plate. Bavarian food is hearty and is said to hold mind and body together.

Gaststaette Grossmarkthalle tradtional Weisswurst with Brezel and Weissbier

2. Sappralott /

Staying with typical German food this is the place where yo can get one of the best Schnitzels in town - and they are huge as well. This restaurant is a long time favorite and basically a popular neighborhood restaurant. This is the place where you can best meet friends and in the weekend you see large family groups gathering together for some basic food in good quality. Nothing about the restaurant and the menu really wow's you, but it is that simplicity that attracts also people from further afield than the local residents around. Can't go wrong with that one.

3. Mama's Kueche / Hotterstrasse 16

So venturing out now to the cuisines of the world - Mama's Kueche is a very interesting concept offering Turkish and Orient inspired food. The restaurant is part of the Islamic Center of Munich and therefore trying to build bridges between cultures as the restaurant is open for everybody. They are only open for lunch on weekdays, a bit canteen style - but the food is purely delicious, homemade food. Their name reveals that it is done by the Mama of the house - well, not sure who is really behind that kitchen door, but whoever that is, she/he does really know how to cook. The meals are changing every day and you have the option of a single plate or some mixed plate that gives you the opportunity to try various different dishes. Portions are generous and quality superb so the biggest surprise comes upon check-out when you get a super fair price for all of that - ah yes, and tea is also included :-) Thumbs up for that little jewel!

Mama's Kueche

Daily dish at Mama's Kueche

Another highly recommended Turkish restaurant with a Kurdish twist is Taverna Diyar / Perfect place for a dinner with friends in the lively neighbourhod of Haidhausen.

4. Barka /

Moving over from Turkey to its neighbor country Greece - this restaurant requires a small drive to the outskirts of Munich as it is located south of the city center in Fasangarten, but it is definitely worth the drive especially in summer. They have a super nice outdoor terrace which beams you away from Munich right into the Mediterranean region. Service is super friendly and the food just delicious and fresh. In the colder month seats are limited so call ahead to reserve your space.

Grilled Octopus at Barka

5. Rumi /

Venturing further into the Orient Rumi will offer you high quality Afghani food. The ambiance of the restaurant is simple, but elegant and the friendly service staff will help you out with recommendations as a lot of food looks quite similar in the menu. But don't let that disturb you as the food here is excellent and especially the kebabs are sure on of the best in town. I also suggest to try out some of their delicious starters - and as the main courses are portioned on medium seizes there is for sure space for them as well as for a dessert, however these are super sweet, so only something for sugar lovers.

6. Aloha Poke /

Next one is something for the Munich Eisbach surfers and for everybody who likes to keep the lunch light and healthy. This food trend from Hawaii is going globally at the moment and to have a Poke Bowl is the new trend in all major cities of the world. The best is that you can create your own Poke Bowls here choosing your base, ingredients (veggie, fish, meat), sauce and toppings. One stir around in your bowl and your healthy lunch is sorted, you only have to imagine that you are sitting on a Hawaiian beach with your feet in the sand and your holiday feeling is complete.

7. Annam Vietnamese /

Trending already since some time in Asian cuisine are Vietnamese restaurants which offer lighter and healthier food than their Chinese counterparts. Annam does traditional Vietnamese dishes with some modern twists. In summer the restaurant has a big outdoor terrace, whereas during the cooler month you can enjoy the Asian ambiance inside.

8. L'Arancineria /

This small restaurant/take away offers authentic Sicilian street food in the heart of Munich. It is very popular during lunch time when all the students from the nearby university are up for a quick bite. Main specialty here are the Arancini - small and crispy Risotto balls that are coming with different fillings - very yummi and best washed off with a cold Peroni.

9. Gartensalon /

Hidden away in a quiet patio this small coffee shop comes up to his name with a peaceful garden terrace, perfect on a sunny day for some relaxation to get away from the busy city life. The cafe has a small lunch menu, however the main things here are the delicious cakes and sweets all home-made as well as the large breakfast menu. Nice surrounding for a start into a good day.

10. Kaffee Espresso Kolonial /

Last one is for all coffee lovers among you - because here you are visiting the real coffee experts. Located in a protected building dating back to the year 1904 this Cafe will remind you of the traditional Austrian "Kafeehaus", however mixed with some oriental features. You can get all sort of coffee here starting from your daily filter coffee over a strong zip of Turkish Coffee to the lighter version of an Arabic Coffee. Here they have it all together with some delicious cakes and other bakery items. If coffee is not your thing they also offer a wide selection of the finest teas.

Kaffee Espresso Kolonial inside guest room

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