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Relaxation and Wellbeing Part 2 – Theiner´s Garten / South Tyrol

Updated: Dec 22, 2021


The Meran region in the North of Italy is purely picturesque with the spectacular mountain peaks, lush green and fertile valleys around. Thanks to its mild climate Meran is set in a tropical landscape with palm trees and lots of colourful flowers. During spring time you will find yourself in a sea of blooming apple trees, whereas in autumn you can walk through wine yards full of ripe grapes. A real feast for the eyes!

Not only nature is at its best over here, also the touristic infrastructure and the hospitality is top notch. For your accommodation you have options for any preference – if a relaxing holiday in a sustainable surrounding and organic food is your thing, then check out my below hotel recommendation.

Theiner´s Garten

This family-owned property is a real feel good oasis and the first Biohotel in the region of Meran. The focus is set on sustainability, the use of natural materials plus clean and organic eating – however that doesn´t mean that you have to miss out on comfort. The minute you step into the Theiner´s Garten you step in another more tranquil and relaxed world.

The rooms

The rooms are a wooden heaven on earth - long time I have not slept so deeply. The intense and pleasant smell of the stone pine wood is all over. The special clay walls are a natural cooling system during summer, so no additional AC is needed. All rooms have a balcony or small terrace and offer panoramic views.

However the biggest difference to an ordinary hotel room is that you won´t find any source of electro smog. Means no TV or WIFI is available in the rooms. Ok, I admit that this put me in a state of panic first, but believe me you will love the total unplug in the end.

Nevertheless all guests who are in a total crisis without their electronical gadgets can connect to the internet via a wire and can also order a TV to the room. But I suggest NOT to do that.

The Garden

On nice sunny days you can relax on one of the many sunbeds, loungers or cabanas in the garden. Find shade under the wine yard in a hanging chair or dig into your inner zen in the adult garden area and sundeck.

Further you can explore the little herb garden or you leave the hotel for a longer walk through the hotel owned organic apple tree plantation.

The Food

….is really something here. Actually the culinary pleasures in this hotel are purely outstanding and guilt-free as they are all based on the freshest regional and organic food.

Breakfast already is offering so many extra-ordinary options in addition to the common all-time favourite breakfast items. I felt deeply in love with their porridge and extensive cereal bar.

A light lunch and coffee plus cake offering is included in the meal plan as well.

Dinner was a real WOW!!! In the morning you pick your choices for a 5-course set menu and in the evening you keep on being amazed on the food they serve you. It´s not only creative, organic, fresh and super tasty, but also a real feast for the eyes. A big thumb up for the Theiner´s Garten kitchen team!

The Spa and Gym

All active people can start their day in the rooftop gym or occasionally also with an energizing Yoga class.

Apart from the onsite facilities the hotel also offers a weekly sports program inclusive of hikes and bike rides around the area.

For the lazy people among you, just get into the comfy bathrobes and emerge yourself in the Spa and Sauna area. You can choose between a quite spacious outdoor and a smaller indoor pool plus various saunas and a steam room.

I also highly recommend to try out one of their massage treatments – the therapist really knew what he was doing, a top professional. I went for a treatment called “Kräuterstempel”, where a hot herbal oil stamp is used to massage all parts of your body.

What to do during the day

To be honest you don´t need to leave this amazing hotel at all, but of course you would miss out as well as the region of Meran has so much to do and see.

In the hotel lobby you can find a real interesting hotel folder with a fantastic selection of hikes and things to do. Some of these recommendations are also featured in the daily newsletter of the hotel, which you will find every morning on your breakfast table. An example of a small, but real nice idea that makes this hotel so special.

Visit and shop around Meran

Meran has a very nice historic center with lots of shops and restaurants within the pedestrian area. Towards the river side, walkways are getting wider, inviting you for a nice stroll around. Take a gelato (ice-cream) or drink at the river banks.

On rainy days a splash in the thermal bath of Meran is a nice thing to do

In October a special harvest festival called “Traubenfest” is also a good occasion to visit. The two-day program is filled with various cultural performances, regional markets and concerts. The colourful flower parade through the city is the highlight of the festival.

More information you can find on the official website of the tourism office

Enjoy scenic views over Meran on the Tappeiner Weg

The Tappeiner Weg is a 6 kilometre long promenade above Meran. From the center you can follow the signboards to get on the round course reaching to the Tappeiner Weg. The first part goes along the river through a lush vegetation and a sort of mini-botanical garden with impressive statues made of natural materials. Afterwards you climb the stairs up the hill to reach the beginning of the promenade.

In case you feel hungry during this tour you can stop at the Saxifraga restaurant and enjoy some local specialities (

Take an easy hike along the ancient watering system (Waalweg)

In the area around Meran you can find various hiking routes called “Waalweg”. These ancient water canal systems were originally built to irrigate the surrounding fields and fruit plantations. Nowadays tranquil hiking ways have been built along these canals.

One of the most scenic of such hikes is the “Algunder Waalweg”, which is a quite easy going straight trail for around 8 km (forwards and back on the same route). Follow the sounds of the gurgling water through rich fruit tree plantations, wine yards and forests – always with a view over the Meran valley and its mountains.

For further tips in this area see also my older Blog from the same region.

South Tyrol – Explore the other side of Italy!


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