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Lignano – the place of my childhood holidays

Lignano or more specifically Lignano Sabbiadoro - might be a place you have never heard about. For me this trip was more a trip down memory lane – as Lignano used to be the place of our annual family holidays throughout my childhood.

Memories 💖

If you like to experience a seaside holiday in 70/80ies style, flat and children friendly beaches lined up with hundreds of colourful umbrellas, shallow but not so clear waters plus a daily evening stroll down the same lively street flagged with old-fashioned pizzerias and gelaterias, bars, shops and kids entertainment – then a trip to Lignano might be something for you!

Well, in general all this is not my type of holiday, however when it comes to Lignano I am caught up by my nostalgic feelings. So many places haven´t changed through all the years. Memories over memories…..

The accommodation

In Lignano you can find a wide choice of accommodation options. A lot of the hotels seem to be from another time. Nevertheless in between you can find some newly built hotels with a more modern and fresh twist. Holiday apartments as well as camping/clamping is also popular for this region.

In terms of hotels you can choose between the more costly ones directly at the beach promenade or the better priced options behind. As more streets are in between your hotel and the beach as cheaper it gets.

For us we have chosen a small, family owned B&B property along the Yacht harbour, just 5 minutes’ walk away from the beach.

La Goletta

The hotel staff was very friendly and helpful. Beside the small reception area you will find the breakfast room inclusive of a nice terrace. Breakfast was in form of a small buffet, typical Italian style with sweet and savoury items.

Room was spacious and clean with a very small side balcony.

Private parking was available plus an umbrella and two sunbeds at a designated area on the public beach were included in the room charge.

The Beach

A lonely stretch of white beach with crystal clear water? Well, not in Lignano. Here you will sunbath with just a meter in between you and your neighbour´s umbrella. But hey at least this concept is very social and you will quickly get to know the people around you – who are most probably not Italians. Except in August when also the locals are flocking to the beach around the national holiday of Ferragosto.

The endless flat beach invites for a morning walk/run or an afternoon boccia or beach tennis game. The shallow water is perfect for kids. Adults have to wade their way into deeper waters. SUP, pedal boats, jet skis, bananas ….you name it. All sorts of water sport activities are there to please the beach revellers.

The coco bello man (selling junks of coconut) plus the ice-cream vendor are still relicts of my childhood days, however they have geared up now with microphones and electric trolleys.

All the dog owners among you, will love the so-called Doggy Beach, which is a fully equipped beach area with all kind of comfort for the dogs and their owners alike. You can opt between various options of sunbeds and cabanas, some with small fences around so that your little friend will not run away. It´s the first time that I saw such a luxurious dog beach. I think it´s a real smart idea, as normally dog owners have to stick with the last and dirtiest corners of a public beach. In the high season it is recommended to do a reservation already from home. Dog lovers are increasing 😉🐶

The Food

From budget to pricey, from casual to fancy, from fast food to fine dining – Lignano has it all. In general the food is mainly all about Italian cuisine rather than other international eateries. I will name some of the places we have visited and where we had a nice overall experience.


Playa Beach – dine with your feet in the sand –

Alla Vecchia Finanza – not exactly at the beach, but at the shores of the Tagliamento river –

From the sea

Da Pippo – simple, fresh and tasty food -

Marechiaro – come early to experience the sunset in this fantastic location; also the food doesn´t disappoint with its modern and creative twist –

Molo28 – another real good fish restaurant, family-owned and simply tasteful -

Pizza & Pasta

O sole Mio – hearty Italian classics –

Aperitivo & Co

Vineria Fabbri – the art of Aperitivo – one of my favourite things in the Italian way of life, also nice for a glass of wine later in the evening –

Terrazza a Mare – not so much the food, but drinks in a stylish atmosphere over the Adriatic Sea are worth to come to this seaside terrace -

Hotel Italia Palace – rooftop bars are rare in Lignano, but in this hotel you can find a cosy one, which is also open for non-hotel guests –

What else to do?

So if you have enough of tanning and are looking for some change there are also a lot of other things to do – like for example some splashy fun at the Aqua Park (, a visit to the zoo ( or various excursions around the region on land and sea (

Another nice thing to do is to hop on a bicycle and explore the nearby beachside areas of Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera. If you feel like to push the pedal even further, you can cross the Tagliamento river by ferry and continue to Bibione.

And of course a trip to Venice is a real not to miss activity. About this fantastic city and how to explore it away from the crowds you can read in my next Blog.


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